Do right by the workers keeping our country running. We manage complex cases for you, with a unique personal touch. 


Seasonal farmworkers are among our nations most vital workers, as their labor enables us to enjoy high quality, low cost fruits and vegetables year round. 


These type of farmworkers represent a large portion of a farming operations labor force, and subsequently pose an extra element of risk in a work comp claim; relocating back to their home country while receiving treatment. Many Third Party Administrators or Insurers will count these cases as a lost cause, and at no fault of their own. There are few avenues available to a case manager assigned to this type of claim to bring the case to closure. This type of expensive claim often gets pushed aside and overlooked. 

Instead of marking these workers as lost causes, we took matters into our own hands with a unique idea; providing a local network of medical and investigative professionals. In some cases, we will send a native language speaking representative to each injured worker inside their home country to bring the claim out of stagnation.

While our service provides a large financial benefit, we also see a massive benefit to the injured worker, who is often confused at the claims process, lacks a plan for claims closure, or unable to communicate with the entity handling their claim.

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